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Tennant Biomodulator and the QRS mat

Introducing the Tennant Biomodulator and the QRS mat to help manage your chronic and acute pain

Whether your pain has come about through accident, incident, procedure or gradually over time, relief is available with these powerful, quick, safe devices.

The Tennant Biomodulator and Quantron Resonance   System (QRS) devices use pulsed electro-magnetic fields are drug and needle free and low-risk. Sessions with them complement whatever treatment is offered by mainstream medical practioners.

The Tennant Biomodulator & Quantron Resonance System are both registered with Medsafe, the NZ Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority that administers the Medicines Act 1981 and the Medicines Regulations 1984.

More important than the technology and devices in my view, is the thinking and health models of wellness that lies behind them.

This thinking and wellness models come from seeing all bodies as bio-energetic beings. In fact from 4,000 years of acupuncture and ayurevdic medicine.

It is my huge honor and privilege to share these insights with you.


Lily severely burned her right-hand thumb and forefinger grasping a hot cast-iron frying pan. Ian saw Lily the morning after the incident. Fortunately, she had some aloe vera on hand and used it in a surgical glove overnight to treat her hand. Despite that providing some immediate relief, her thumb and forefinger both had large painful blisters.

Treatment consisted of using the Tennant biomodulator andtransducer in conjunction with a mixture of aloe vera and humic and fulvic acid.  A small solution of the aloe and humic acid was painted on her burns.  Ian then showed Lily how to operate the Tennant biomodulator and transducer in Ten 8 mode, which she did twice during the course of her working day. 

The burn on both thumb and forefinger went down within 24 hours. The pain resolved immediately. There was no broken skin, popping of the blisters etc. “It’s a miracle,” said the eversceptical Lily. 

PEMF devices transmit low-frequency electro-magnetic waves into the body. In frequency terms, these waves align to our own electrical fields, encouraging the body to regenerate the voltage required to create healthy new cells, which in turn makes pain go away.

Pain and Discomfort

Pain is simply an expression of low voltage: the body can’t generate sufficient energy to create the healthy new cells needed to fix injury, or repair and replace damaged and aged cells.

A PEMF session may be a good complementary option to find out why you might have this pain, and how best to deal with the condition causing it. Ideally, it should be done with the knowledge of your regular medical adviser.

The Growth of Energetic Medicine

The practice of energetic medicine and health care is both well-established and developing. PEMF has been around since the onset of the US and Russian space programmes in the 1960s, and it has picked up pace in recent years.

That’s because many people acknowledge the limitations of mainstream medicine’s focus on drugs and surgery as the chief answers to chronic health problems.

In traditional terms, energetic medicine may encompass acupuncture, reiki, massage, Qi Gong and other forms of healing that have been around for 4000 years. PEMF devices are simply a modern technological overlay of these ancient forms of healing.