Ian Haldane

I’m Ian Haldane, the official Tennant Institute educator and distributor here in New Zealand .

I’m based here on the west coast city of New Plymouth. I am a lay person with a an intense interest in the field of energetic health.

The Tennant Biomodulator is a pain relief device, registered with the New Zealand government Med safe regulating agency.

I have travelled twice to Texas to undertake training there at the Tennant Institute in basic and advanced aspects of the Tennant health model and devices.

I also use and incorporate another PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) device called the QRS system in my daily health practices.

This German made device, may also offer answers to those with chronic health problems.

Ian Haldane offers the following:

• Low risk, potentially high-impact PEMF sessions that may assist you with an intractable or difficult condition.
• PEMF sessions at the level of a competent first aider.
• Work in conjunction with or under the guidance of your preferred registered medical provider

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